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Balanced Birth Hypnobirthing
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Osprey Drive , Mid Suffolk, England IP14 5FT, United Kingdom

Hey babes, Im Suze. I’m a passionate antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing specialist and birth coach providing bespoke private birth education online and in person here in sunny Suffolk.

With me you can expect an unfiltered and unapologetic approach to giving the best preparation for a positive birth. This does not mean a specific type of birth- but a birth that no matter how it goes, you will know you’ve approached it with confidence, knowledge and excitement and the ability to make informed decisions with your chosen birth partner. Btw- I fully expect participation from birth partners as my courses are 50% for them too!

I offer anything from power hours to full 12 hour courses and even some post natal support too if that’s your jam (this includes food for locals too!).

What you need to know: I swear, I crack jokes, I use all the words for all the body parts, I quote from films and songs, am a big horror geek, plant based and tattooed, oh, and I really give a sh*t about you having the best birth experience.

I’m an inclusive teacher and work with all family set ups. As I only deliver private courses, I tailor sessions to your unique pregnancy and birth needs and experiences.

I love to chat, so grab a free Discovery call via my contact page on my website, to see if we a good fit!

Thanks for reading babe!