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Birth and Conquer
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South Street, Perth, Scotland PH2 8NY, United Kingdom


I’m Cassie! Mother of two.

Birth rights enthusiast.

Lover of cats, tattoos, doom metal, 90s hip hop and beer.

I am, I’m not particular order, a doula, hypbobirthing instructor, baby massage teacher, a Three Step Rewind for birth trauma facilitator and general all round good egg.

From me you can expect open, frank conversations around birth, I’m a little bit sweary, and I’m not here to blow smoke, if I don’t know the answer I’ll tell you I don’t, then not rest until I’ve found you the answer. My courses and support extend to you and your birth partner! They without question need this in their lives too!

I sit somewhere nicely on the birthworkers spectrum of offering blessings and getting in touch with my inner witch, right over to full on ‘prove it to me with evidence and science’, which I know doesn’t make sense, but hiya!

I run in person hypnobirthing and baby massage classes in Perth. I offer 1 to 1 courses too, and I run the Three Step Rewind course to help process birth trauma on request, so just message me to arrange either of them! I offer a mini refresher course, and preparing to breast feed courses too. In my role as doula (I offer birth and postpartum) I’m all over Tayside and Fife, Perthshire, and Dundee! In the new year you can expect some birth blessings and rebirth ceremonies!

Can’t wait to meet you all!