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Birth to Earth
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3 London Road, Reigate and Banstead, England RH1 1LY, United Kingdom


Thanks for clicking on my little square. My name is Amy, I am a birth & postnatal doula and a hypnobirthing instructor.

Supporting, educating and empowering you to have an positive and calm birth is the reason I do what I do. My promise to you is for you to feel prepared, educated and excited to welcome your baby into the world! Giving you all the tools for you to make informed decisions which are right for YOU, understanding birth physiology and your rights in births are just some of the things you will learn on one of my courses.

As a doula I support couples as an additional member of their birth team or as a sole birth partner to women/birthing people having a baby. I am there to support you emotionally, practically and physically. To ensure your birth wishes are heard & respected at all times and to be the familiar face throughout your birth. I have attended births of first time parents, second time parents, home birth & hospital births. I teach private & group courses, in person and online.

I look forward to supporting you to have a positive and powerful birth!