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11-12 Abbey Churchyard, Bath, England BA1 1LY, United Kingdom

Hello! I’m Jenny, I live just outside Bath with my husband, two kids and two cats and two stick insects (so far…) I’m originally from London but we moved here 3 years ago for a wilder life with less tubes and more mud.

Everything in my life changed when I became pregnant with my first baby (of course), but I was yet to know just how much. Soon after he was born birth became my greatest passion, and birthwork my calling. When I’m not with my family, I’m thinking, reading or writing about birth and doing what I can to make it better for other people.

I am a Hypnobirthing teacher and Doula. During my first pregnancy, Hypnobirthing was entirely transformative for both my partner and I. It was the compass that helped us navigate our birth experiences and this is what I now see with my clients too. I’ve been teaching Hypnobirthing for about 5 years and it is, in my opinion the most valuable birth preparation out there!

As your doula, whether it is your first or fourth baby, I can be your calm on-hand support, hold space for you and your partner and advocate for you as and when you need.  I offer a deeply personalised doula package, ensuring continuity and close support throughout your whole journey into parenthood.

I hope to be able to help you look forward to the birth of your baby, and to support you and your family to have the powerful, joyful experience you deserve.