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Get Birth Confident - with Nicola Moss
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North Street , England PO10 7AE, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Nicola, mum of 2 and complete Hypnobirthing convert!#

I discovered hypnobirthing when pregnant with my second child during the pandemic and it’s not exaggeration when I say, it changed my life!

Now it’s my mission and my passion to make sure others have the knowledge and tools they need to get the birth they deserve.#

I offer The Get Birth Confident Hypnobirthing course online, in my home in Emsworth or in your home within the Chichester/Portsmouth area.#

It’s a private course so is fully tailored to you. You get 3 hours of face to face teaching, ongoing support from me, a comprehensive handbook and access to an exclusive parent hub with tons of positive birth resources.

Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about hypnobirthing in general or the course.

Speak soon

Nicola x