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Kirsty - Birth Doula & Birth Photographer
Contact Information
Market Street, Tameside, England SK15 9BQ, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Kirsty a (sort of near Manchester) based Birth Doula and Birth Photographer.

My role as a Doula is to support you, in your choices, your needs and your decisions as you prepare to take the amazing journey to welcoming your baby into the world.

This can include emotional support, reassurance – being that continuous source of encouragement. It can also include, support helping you build your confidence, feeling absolutely prepared and in control, including helping you access evidence based information to help support you in making choices around your birth…

As your Doula the support I give can also be physical support, helping you during labour, making snacks, drinks, helping the birth team set up a birth pool, or maybe its just as simple as you just need a hug and someone to speak to… The role of a Doula is so wide… which is brilliant because it means my support will be specifically tailored to what you need and what is right for you and your journey.

I am originally from Yorkshire, I love a dog walk and a glass of wine (although probably not at the same time).. I have a fair few tattoos (some good some not so good)… and although I take my work really seriously… when I’m not in work mode, I do enjoy living in the moment and having fun with my kids.. I have 2 children of my own, and I have also been teaching Hypnobirthing since 2019.

I have a wealth of resources to help you prepare for the birth you want, and if you would like to learn Hypnobirthing techniques we can include this – but its not necessary – I fully believe in choice and will support you in the choices that are right for you.

I am also trained and qualified in: pregnancy and postnatal yoga, biomechanics for birth, breastfeeding peer support, baby massage.

The other side of my work is photography – @ourbeautifulchaos_photography is where you will see my work which is focused around motherhood, and I also offer birth photography packages as well.