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Plus Size Pregnancy
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21 Richmond Road, London, England E4 7BJ, United Kingdom

Plus Size Pregnancy is home to the world’s only live & online hypnobirthing course written specifically for plus size pregnant people! It’s online so you can do this course from anywhere in the world!


I’m Laura.
Plus Size Mother of two.
Advocate for plus size pregnant people and the marginalised.

Let’s face it, from your very first midwife appointment, where they ask you what feels like a million questions and then they utter the words “just slip your shoes off and step on the scales for me please” and that’s it. They calculate your BMI and your path of care is decided.

You may hear things such as:
“You’re going to be put under consultant led care”
“I’ll book you in for a GTT now”
“You’ll have to have additional growth scans because it’s likely you’re going to have a big baby”
“We’ll need to induce you at 40 weeks because of your BMI”

All of this is absolute rubbish!

After navigating my way through the maternity system as a plus size person twice, I realised that there is not enough support out there for us. There is not enough evidence based information and the information that is out there is hard to find and all over the place!

So I created Plus Size Pregnancy so that I can not only teach you a fully comprehensive antenatal hypnobirthing course, but also teach you your rights, how to self-advocate with confidence and how to give birth however and wherever you want on your terms.
My aim is for you to finish my course feeling informed, powerful, supported and ready for a positive birth experience.

If you are looking for a hypnobirthing instructor who is:

  • Going to be honest with you and tell you the truth about birth

  • Going to teach you about your rights as a plus size pregnant person, how to self-advocate with confidence and how to navigate your way through a complicated and fatphobic maternity health care system

  • Going to be your cheerleader

  • There for you until your baby is born and beyond

  • Teach you how incredible birth can be when you emotionally and physically prepare for it

  • Teach you that being plus size doesn’t mean that you can’t have a straightforward pregnancy and birth and even if you are facing complications, that you still have rights and options

 Then I’m the instructor for you!

I’m not the sort of instructor who is going to be all airy fairy, hippie dippie and wishy washy with you.

I’m honest.

I’m open.

I’ll answer every one of your questions even if you think that it might be a silly one.

I’ll give you all of the information and help you to build your confidence in yourself and your body.