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The Earth Doula
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Hobbs Close, Richmondshire, England DL9 3SW, United Kingdom

I am Beth (they/them) aka The Earth Doula, a full spectrum doula. I decided to train as a doula because I hadn’t come across someone that I felt represented by as a queer and neurodivergent parent. I wanted to provide a service for those often forgotten about.

I am gentle and inclusive by nature, with a fierce no bull attitude when it comes to informed choices & knowing your options for every decision you might make. I support all births, all bodies, no matter what that looks like for you, and I am continuously updating my knowledge and training to be the best doula I can for you.

Particular interests of mine are home birthing, neurodivergent parents, and working with LGBTQIA+ families on their journeys. I thoroughly enjoy supporting people choosing to birth utwith the guidelines, and my extensive birth rights knowledge helps you to make informed decisions that you feel confident with.  I also have a particular interest in alternative therapies & their use in conception, abortion, birth, & the postnatal period.

I am a passionate hynobirthing instructor, and all my courses and workshops (from preparing to breastfeed, to weaning onto solids, hypnobirthing to babywearing) are trauma informed, inclusive, and neurodivergent friendly. Rest assured there’s no toxic positivity from me, but instead a wealth of knowledge and copious amounts of love for anyone who hires me.

I cannot wait to meet you!