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Join Us, Alix & Jade for a Free Hypnobirthing Session. You choose the date, turn up, relax, enjoy and let us show you why you've got this and don't need to be fearful.

Every week we do free introduction to Hypnobirthing sessions to give you a pretty bloody good idea what you are getting yourself into! (and its fucking spectacular!)

Most people we work with enter pregnancy excited but utterly terrified of the part where the baby has to come out. 

We understand better than most (as birth workers and mothers) that people being scared of the most important day of their life isnt good enough and that they deserve better!

Thats why we are here. 

Our aim is to show people why birth shouln’t be plagued with fear and why when you are genuinely excited, it helps the birthing process and allows people to experience the positive birth that they deserve!

And when hypnobirthing with us we do it int he following way:




Our apporocach is always science based, its always evidence based and ALWAYS non bias.

What people get from us enables them to make decisons for themselves about them, their body, their baby and their family!

During This 1 Hour FREE Hypnobirthing Course You Will:

Discover what Hypnobirthing is & how it works

Learn the science of hypnobirthing (I PROMISE YOU ITS NOT HIPPY DIPPY AT ALL)

Learn how Hypnobirthing can help the birthing experience

Oxytocin and why we need it

How the uterus works in labour

What would we cover on the full online course.

Why the birth partner is very IMPORTANT

So come along and see if hypnobirthing is for you (ps it is)

You Are A Badass! 


Your Body Knows What Its Doing!

Weve Got Your Back!