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What Is Hypnobirthing?

and how does it work?

Well.... Lets tell you shall we!

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing IS a full antenatal birth prep course! Taking you through everything from the stages of labour, how the birth process works, birth positions, birth partners role, pain relief, induction, how the 4th trimester works and all the other stuff you’d expect to cover in an antenatal course preparing you to birth your baby.

Ok so here’s the thing. Hypnobirthing doesn’t just leave you there, with the knowledge but no idea what to do about it, which is what you get from lots of other popular antenatal courses.
Hypnobirthing will also give you the skills and tools to enable you to aid your comfort levels and have a clear calm mind. Things like breathing techniques, massage, the use of mp3s to aid your relaxation before and during labour & loads more!

It will also teach your birth partner how to fucking kick ass! Cause they deserve to feel informed and like they can support you like you bloody well deserve!

It looks into why we feel shit about birth and the scientific physical effect this has on our bodies and looks at changing your mindset so when labour starts we are excited rather than dreading it!

We talk birthing hormones & environment and go into depth about what we can physically and mentally do to make the conditions for birth more optimal and therefore get them on POINT!

woman kissing new born baby after birth positive birth what is hypnobirthing

We will look at your rights! And your skills to stand up for what you want, as well as teaching you where to go for evidenced based research on your own special circumstances!

So yer, I suppose what we are saying is…. Hypnobirthing deserves a chance cause it’s not woowoo, it’s not bullshit!
It’s evidence based and you deserve what it’s dishing out!

So the next time someone tells you hypnobirthing is ‘just a nice thing to do’, that it’s ‘just breathing’ that it’s ‘a load of shite’
Maybe remind them that actually, hypnobirthing is life changing, it’s science and send them here!

So that’s the round up of what hypnobirthing is. But to really wrap your mind around it, you should probably get yourself the online course.