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Hypnobirthing with Katie TBU Midwife

Hey! I’m Katie, otherwise known as The Birth Uprising Midwife. I run the in person Hypnobirthing classes for TBU at our HQ in Northampton.

I am a mother of two gorgeous boys and a registered midwife.

Im passionate about empowerment and choice for all of you and I want to get the message far and wide that birth can become a positive experience for everyone!

Weve been taught to fear birth. Weve been taught that its painful and that it will be long and torturous. Weve been conditioned to believe that as long as we come out of the ordeal with a healthy baby, that’s all that matters….

Well, actually, none of that is true. Birth should be a happy, positive experience regardless of the journey or outcome.

Im here, because I know how powerful our mindset can be on the things we experience in our lives. My labours were, on paper, the same. The way I think and feel about them is very different. Whats the difference you ask?

Hypnobirthing That’s What!
Hypnobirthing Northampton antenatal care midwife

Now…. I Know What You Are Going To Say. You’re A Midwife. Surely You Knew What Was Coming. Well.. Yes, I Did. I Knew The Stages Of Labour And The Mechanics Of Them. What I Didn’t Know, Was The Beauty Of Labour When You Allow Your Mind And Body To Connect.

My head knew what was going to happen, my body knew what to do. Neither of those things connected when I had my first son. I was scared and exhausted after his birth. I didn’t feel the overwhelming feelings of love that people talk about. I thought I was broken. I wasn’t broken. I had allowed all the conditioning around birth the we are exposed to from the minute we are born to create a sense of worry, fear and doubt in my ability to birth my baby.
Then, along came The Birth Uprising; Alix & Jade, when I was pregnant with my second son. They gave me an overwhelming sense of empowerment. 
They created an environment that allowed my birth partner to understand how I needed to be supported. They created discussion and allowed me to understand what I wanted from my birth.
My last birth has changed who I am forever.
I want everyone to have that!
And this what I am going to be doing when teaching you in our classes.
Not only are you going to get all my Hypnobirthing knowledge but Ive been at hundreds if not thousands of births.
I can not wait to meet and teach you all!

The Birth Uprising HQ

Over The Course You Will Be Taught To Change The Way You Feel About Birth To Allow You To Feel Calm And Confident In Your Bodies Abilities. You Will Do All Of This By Using The Techniques Known As Hypnobirthing Which Include ALL And More Of The Following:

  • You will learn techniques to maintain a calmness even when you may not feel it. 
  • You will learn the science of birth.
  • How you brain effects EVERYTHING

  • We will discuss your birth plans

  • I will encourage you to watch positive birth videos to show you how birth can really be for you (please do not watch one born every minute)

  • I will talk about the importance of your birthing environment

  • I will look after your birthing team and birth partner roles

  • We will discuss physical preparations for birth to get your body ready for what its going to do (your body is super hero by the way!)

  • You will look at special circumstances with in births and how you can have a positive birth no matter what happens

  • You will learn about the stages of labour and coping techniques to help you.

  • We will also discuss what happens immediately after labour and what options you have.


  • Yes you get 10 hours of kick ass hypnobirthing to help you prepare to birth confidently!

  • My continued support

  • Access to The Birth Uprising ‘Online Course’ to work through at your own pace

  • Breastfeeding preparation work shop (Prerecorded by Jade& Alix TBU Founders)

  • A baby massage course (prerecorded)

  • An introduction to Slings video from Becky Sling Consultant

  • An Introduction to starting solids video from Sarah @ Starting Solids

  • Pregnant & Postnatal Yoga tips from Lizzie Edwards Yoga

  • A goody bag

  • Postnatal support via our community

  • Ad Hoc Coffee mornings, buggy walks, sling walks and picnics

  • You will also be added to TBU Facebook community group where you can socialise with local parents that we have taught and can tell you they are bloody amazing!

  • I will add you to a WhatsApp group so you can get to know your new gang before your course even begins

    My support doesn’t end when you finish the course, I am here for as long as you’ll have me.

What Others Are Saying About Katie’s Classes…

“My Husband Alex And I Completed A TBU Hypnobirthing Course With Katie Via Zoom. Katie’s Kind, Friendly Attitude Combined With Her Professionalism And Extensive Knowledge As A Midwife Put Us At Ease Straight Away. The Course Was Informative, Reassuring And Beneficial For Both Myself As The One Who Was Going To Give Birth But Also My Husband Who Wanted To Support Me As Best He Could. We Learned Many Techniques And Tips That Helped Us Both To Stay Calm On The Day And In Particular I Found The Breathing Exercises Immensely Useful (Far More Than I Thought I Would). We Loved The TBU Team’s Down To Earth Approach And Value For Money Offered Via The Zoom Package. The Course Was Some Of The Best Preparation We Did And We Would Highly Recommend It To Anyone And Everyone!”- Tori, 2021