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Instructor Terms & Conditions


I agree to leave TBU and cease using any content or resources if I don’t pay my fee to join TBU in full or at the payment plan agreed on joining.

I agree that the first £200 paid to TBU is to be treated as a non refundable deposit.


I agree not to share login details for TBU training with anyone else.

I agree to inform TBU as soon as possible if I wish to change to another training intake, this is not possible to do anytime after ONE MONTH prior to enrolment day. After this date, you have agreed to participate in this training intake and continue with your agreed payment plan (full training).


TBU resources are the intellectual property of The Birth Uprising, they are not a resources pack to be purchased and used freely. They are to be used in line with these terms and conditions only and only for use whilst part of the TBU gang.

I agree not to share TBU content such as handbooks, resources, MP3s, client login details etc. with anyone outside of TBU other than clients and those I am supporting to prepare for birth, this includes the sale of TBU resources which is prohibited.

I agree not to use any TBU resources to accompany any online course I create. This includes scripts, recordings, client extras and TBU handbook or handouts (there are copyright free scripts available on the Dropbox for this purpose).

I agree to keep the TBU logo on any handbooks or content created by TBU if I modify the handbook cover in any way. I may add my branding by changing the front cover but will not give the impression that I have created this on my own. The TBU logo MUST be present on the front cover of the handbook and this must not be substituted for placing the logo on another page.

Removing any logo from TBU resources will result in immediate removal from the TBU community, this includes all pages of the handbook remaining as created by TBU. Pages may be removed from the book altogether and my own pages added alongside.

I agree that should I wish to change the wording etc of the TBU resources, I shall instead create my own version from scratch without infringing copyright. Use of the workbook is not mandatory so I am free to create my own materials to use instead.

In summary, in order to make the TBU handbook cohesive with my own branding, I may drag a new front cover onto the existing TBU handbook, including the TBU logo. No other changes can be made to the content or design of the handbook.

‘The Gang’

I agree that once I join the TBU Gang I am unable to stay with another brand of Hypnobirthing training and must inform my old brand of my departure. This ensures that I am free of any terms and conditions that I agreed to when joining said brand.

I agree to live by the TBU ethos of being for ALL births and ALL people, I will give information to birthers that is evidence based to the best of my knowledge and without judgement. 

I agree to help birthers prepare for whatever sort of birth makes them feel positive. I will not give medical advice or advise birthers to take a course of action based on my views.

I agree to get or keep informed on inequalities within the birth world and others relating to race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability and more.

I agree not to share anything that is harmful to marginalised groups and accept my mistake graciously should I make a mistake in this area and strive to learn more and do better.

I agree that should I decide to take a break from teaching for whatever reason, I will contact TBU to inform them. This is to ensure that the TBU directory can be up to date at all times to prevent wasting the time of those looking for an instructor.

I agree that I am to be removed from the TBU community and to cease using the TBU resources if I am found to be in breech of these Terms and Conditions.

I agree that should I choose to complete training provided by another party that this is not the responsibility of TBU, even if that party is a member of TBU. You are free to arrange training with fellow members of the gang but TBU can not be held responsible for its content or facilitation.

Contacting TBU

You can direct enquiries about your payments, workshops, training etc via email to 


Please do give time for us to respond but feel free to give us a nudge if we haven’t responded within 7 days, it may be that we haven’t received it. Before sending us an email ask yourself, could I google this?

We encourage any questions relating to your clients, your courses, NHS procedures, research etc to be asked in the TBU Instructors Group for the benefit of everyone and to get useful information and support from the other members of the gang.

Be aware that we are frequently not shown a notification when we are tagged in the FB Groups so may not see things there so easily.

Instagram messages move quickly so be mindful of this when messaging on there, they are easy to miss when things are busy on there.

If you feel you have an issue or query that you need some 1-1 advice on you can book a 1-1 coaching call with us.

In Return, TBU Promise Me The Following-

The following resources will be available to me for use during my time with TBU-

  • 5 Hypnobirthing Tracks that you are able to record in your own voice following the above T&Cs.

  • Ambient music for use when recording your tracks or for use by your clients.

  • Session plans that you may adapt and change as you wish.

  • The TBU Client Handbook that you may use and modify in line with the T&Cs.

  • Various handouts including; snakes and ladders, printable affirmations, flower wombs, parasympathetic and sympathetic cards.

  • The TBU instructor handbook which is not to be modified.

  • Access to the relevant TBU Teachable course you have signed up to.

  • Access to the TBU client login area for your clients to use the extras there.

  • Access to the TBU Instructors Facebook community.

  • Monthly Zoom chats open to all instructors.

  • Discounts on courses arranged with other providers via TBU.

  • No monthly or yearly fees.

Please Fill In The Below To Show That You Have Read And Accept These.

If this is not completed by October 1st and we have had no contact from you regarding this then we will assume that you agree and wish to remain a part of the gang.