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Lesson 1

We had a blast! Now lets get you to work so you can really start moving toward having that positive birth experience you deserve!

  1. Start practising your hypnosis state, spend time relaxing and learning how to ‘switch off’

  2. Start watching birth videos. We have curated a list so you know they are safe to watch, click here to sit down and have a watch. Tissues for tears are a must: www.thebirthuprising.com/birth-videos

  3. Head over to www.tellmeagoodbirthstory.com and have a read through some of the amazing stories. They are so good for helping to change what our subconscious takes in on birth.

  4. Having watched and read the birth stories, what did you enjoy about them? What would you like for yourself?

  5. Want to learn a bit more about those amazing hormones that are flowing through you right now? Then head here and have a little read www.yourhormones.info

  6. Start reading up on pregnancy and birth topics that are specific to you. Excellent places for research are:




  7. Don’t forget to login to the client login area. The password is in the dropbox link along with your mp3s.