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Lesson 2


  1. We would like you to draw your perfect birth environment. Really get into it. How would you set out your birth space whether it be hospital or home. What would you bring and how would you move the room around (think about the bag exercise we did)

  2. Start working on your birth environment bag.

  3. Do your own pros and cons for all the birth places. Write down what you could do to change the cons to pros in your preferred birth place.

  4. Create your on affirmations. ie. ‘My body and my baby work together’

  5. Little bit of science about visualisations for you – https://redpilltheory.com/2018/07/01/does-visualization-work-the-uncensored-truth-about-the-law-of-attraction

  6. Carry on watching the birth videos we sent you on the birth video link. They are all positive and show you how normal birth is!

  7. Here is the birthplace cohort study – https://www.npeu.ox.ac.uk/birthplace

  8. Here are the nice guidelines, hospitals can should be using this! https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance

  9. Birth rights info – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/consent-to-treatment/ https://www.birthrights.org.uk

  10. Pain Relief Roundup – https://www.glowm.com/article/heading/vol-11–labor-and-delivery–labor-analgesia/id/413983#.YMpQOi9Q1QK

Don’t forget to login to the client login area. The password is in the dropbox link along with your mp3s.