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Lesson 3

Heres some bits 🙂

  1. The most important aspect of preparing for the next session for you is the completion of the Fear Release Worksheet that we have attached HERE.


    You should have a copy for you and your birth partner, fill it out separately and then come together, discuss what you have written and see if that helps eliminate any lingering fears. Or we can talk  them through in the session if you prefer. 

    That evening/afternoon you should both go and lie down (or just you if your birth partner doesn’t want to) and listen to the Fear Release track to work on reducing the fear you have remaining. 

    (This is not something you need to share with us, this is something just for yourselves)

  2. Here are a couple of articles to read more about induction



  3. Here are the massage technique to get practising


  4. Here are some of the amazing Mary Cronks phrases


  5. Heres some bits on birth rights as well!



  6. Some bits on risk



  7. Here’s a video of a lovely person centred caesarean

And lastly start on your birth plans

PLAN A (your preferred birth)

PLAN B (induction birth)

PLAN C (Caesarean birth)


Don’t forget to login to the client login area. The password is in the dropbox link along with your mp3s.