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The Birth After Caesarean Pack (VBAC & RCAC)


We have created a course, especially for those birthing after Caesarean

We created the course, because over the years we have helped countless parents to prepare for birth after Caesarean.

Whether you are planning to birth vaginally (VBAC) and need cheerleading, stats and encouragement, whether you want to have a repeat Caesarean and want to have the Caesarean that YOU’VE chosen this time, or perhaps you haven’t made your decision yet, and you want all the facts before you decide what’s right for you.

Whoever you are we’ve got you covered with this course. This can be a standalone course or used as an addition to our Digital Pack discounts available for those who have already purchased the digital pack and a bundle price available for those investing in both!

This course contains information on:

  • The reality of our concept of risk.
  • The evidence based for our guidelines
  • Your birth rights when pregnant after caesarean birth.
  • The stats around Uterine Rupture
  • Common reasons VBAC is advised against.
  • Choices for repeat caesarean.
  • Things to consider for VBAC.
  • Special circumstances such as High BMI, Twin pregnancy, Advanced Maternal age, big babies and MORE!

Access to the pack is granted for 18 months from the date of purchase.

Please ensure the email address you use at checkout is correct and the one you would like to use for logging into the course, as you will be automatically enrolled with this email address.

Please check your spam folder after purchase for details of how to access the course. These will be sent from hello@thebirthuprising.com separately to the order confirmation.