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TBUs No Nonsense Hypnobirthing Course

Online Hypnobirthing course that gets you ready to 'birth like a badass'

You deserve to have a birth where you feel in control, prepared and like the badass that you are!
Thats what you want right?…. why wouldn’t you!

But you’ve spent your whole life being told that birth is scary and something to fear.

Well lovely! We are here to tell you that you don’t have to feel scared and that feeling the way you want to is just a click away!

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Heres what you get for your £55:

    • 64 bite sized video lessons //  including pain relief, induction, birth planning,  the stages of labour and so many more.
    • 5 hypnobirthing tracks // including ones for confidence, fear release, relaxation and birth rehearsal.
    • A complete PDF course companion booklet to print out and work through. // including topics such as birth bag,  birth partners role, things to remember in labour and more.
    • Access to our amazing closed Facebook group
    • Live zoom group drop in sessions 2 times a month with Jade & Alix

    • Birth planning templates and icons.

Take a look at what the course covers...

Who are we?

We’re Jade & Alix AKA ‘Jalix’ and we’re on a mission to cut through all the Birthing BS and make Hypnobirthing accessible to EVERYONE. We expect you’ve already conjured up this idea of what hypnobirthing looks like, and it might not sound like it’s for you, but you’re mistaken – in fact we were too at the beginning of this journey.  

We’re now on a mission to share everything we’ve learnt with you so that you can step into your birth (and beyond) feeling empowered, and ready to absolutely boss it

Want to get to know more about the birth uprising?

You can do that by listening to our podcast , checking us out on YouTube or head over to our Instagram.

8 hours of expert advice delivered in  bitesize relatable videos with a hint of humour and a lot of facts. The course is constantly being added to and updated.

  • Hypnobirthing 101 – Learn how hypnobirthing works and the tools (hypnosis, breathing, visualisations,affirmations hormones etc)

  • Your Toolkit for Birth – Perineal massage, Anchoring, positioning, Distrations Techniques, Pelvic Floor, Pain Relief & Your Environment  

  • Your Birth/ Your Plan/ Your Rights – Birth Partners Role, Where to have your baby, Birth Plans, Due Dates, Decision making, Advocacy, Your rights, Care pathways

  • Induction & Caesarean  – What to expect, Your Choices, Making your birth positive

  • The Last Few Days of Pregnancy & Early Labour – What its like, Natural induction methods & Signs your body knows what its doing

  • Active Labour – Calling the midwives, The Journey, Arriving at your birth place, What is Active Labour.

  • The Birthing Bit – Transition, Second Stage of Labour & Crowning and Tearing.

  • Once Baby is out (3rd Stage) – Golden Hour, Skin to skin, Optimal Cord Clamping, Third Stage of Labour (Birthing the placenta and what to do with it) Postnatal Expectations & Vitamin K.

8 hours of pre-recorded Positive Pregnancy &  Birth Information delivered in bite sized videos.

FREE postnatal pack with every purchase of the digital pack (includes feeding sessions, a full baby massage course, instructions on slings, a full weaning course and so much more)

Group Zoom calls every 2 weeks with Jade & Alix

A Closed Facebook Group with guides on extra topics

28 Page Course Companion Booklet

Birth template and icons.

Hospital bag checklist

Hypnobirthing MP3’s 

Presented By Experts in Their Field

18 Months Access to the content.

2 Instructors super passionate about what is right for you.

We have helped countless people have positive birth experiences regardless of the mode of birth.

We won’t love you and leave you. Drop in sessions are there so you can get further support from us.

We want to support you, whoever you are and however you want to birth. 

We believe all birth can be positive.

We keep things super relaxed so you feel like you are learning with your pals.

We focus on the science and the stats. No bullshit here!

We run this company, it’s just us 2 and we really care about you getting what you sign up for.

All correspondence is with us.

You get access to the Hypnobirthing course and your free Postnatal pack for 18 months.

This means you can get the pack as early on in pregnancy as you like and still have lots of time to watch your postnatal pack and use it with your baby.

PLUS access to the Facebook community for as long as you want it 🙂

The course is affordable. Including the postnatal pack that’s over 12 hours of content for a price not to be scoffed at. Ongoing support included as well makes the course even more important for those people who can’t afford to pay for face to face access.

All videos have closed captions to enable those who need them to be able to use the course.

The course can be watched via and device with internet access.

We’re going to be REAL with you, we’re not going to be giving you BS. We’re focused on sharing evidence-based facts, so you feel informed to make the right decisions for you. This stuff SHOULD be accessible to everyone (and we’re making this our mission)

Wanna Know What Other People Think?

We didn’t think so either to begin with! We know it sounds like something that’s for a certain type of people, maybe those who are a bit ‘spiritual’, ‘zen’ etc. It kinda doesn’t SOUND like something for practical, evidence based people. However, if that’s what you think, you’re as mistaken as we were! It’s for ALL those people, literally everyone! If you follow us on instagram and you like what you see, then you can expect more of that good shit from the pack!

Please don’t think that there is ANY type of birth that hypnobirthing can’t have a hugely positive effect on! Our pack contains sections on Induction of Labour, Caesarean birth and discusses various birth places. Not only that but hypnobirthing tools are to be used in any type of birth experience as well as any pregnancy and postnatal period. Information on the birth partner’s role, birth planning and decision making is relevant to any situation!

Antenatal education is as much for the birth partner as it is for you! Perhaps they’ve watched birth partners on the TV sit in the corner being of no use, perhaps friends have told them that they felt like a spare part, this needn’t be the case! Both of you getting informed will help you to work as a team, participate in the experience together and can change the experience of birth for you both hugely! The presence of an informed birth partner can reduce the likelihood of birth trauma in both the person giving birth and their birth partner. Unless your partner is a fully trained doula, they need this as much as you do!

It can seem like an added expense that you may not see the value in right now. We get it! However, we can assure you that once you’ve got yourself informed and you’re feeling buzzing about your baby’s birth, you’ll be so glad that you invested in yourself and your baby and you’re not just ‘going with the flow’ (a pretty terrible idea). It’s easy to think that birth is “just one day” and you’ll “just get through it” and “it doesn’t go to plan anyway” – especially when people tell you that all the time. But you will reflect on your baby’s birth for the rest of your life, we want you to look back on it fondly and enjoy each part of the experience. Starting off parenting feeling like a total badass!

All antenatal courses are different and we always say that knowledge is power! You can never know too much! When it comes to antenatal courses that are not hypnobirthing based, many of these put a bit more focus on the practical care of baby, whch may be reassuring to you if you’re particularly worried about bathing and changing your baby for example. however, they will usually not work so heavily on your mindset and helping you to feel empowered and confident about your birth and the postnatal period, which we think is the most important bit! Many of our clients, both face to face and people who have done the digital pack, have done other antenatal classes as well as they’ve been keen to get as much information and support as possible.

It is a commonly held belief that people have (and Alix had before her first birth) that hypnobirthing is something that it done at the time of labour. However, whilst there are tools like breathing techniques and tips for positioning that are used during your birth. For the most part, hypnobirthing is about the work that’s done before the big day. It’s about the change of mindset brought about by learning about your body, the self belief conjured up by knowing about your choices and feeling confident in your ability to make decision, it’s about the planning and preparation that goes into your birth which all allows you to approach the big day feeling fucking great and to ease into the birth of your baby and do it your way, with a well informed birth partner by your side, helping you to do it!