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What Can I Do To Tailor My Birth Space?

You may have seen photos on social media of beautifully curated birth spaces, filled with fairy lights, plants and beautifully coordinated decorations. However, let us reassure you that the aesthetic is not so important. The important thing is that it makes you feel good and supports your hormones to help you birth your baby, not just with items and decor but with the people in the room too. Here are some things that can help…

💛Closed curtains

💛Lights off

Darkness will help your melatonin production

💜Photos of loved ones

💜Loving touch

To boost your oxytocin and help your birth to unfold

💚Positive affirmations


To help keep you confident in your abilities

❤️Clocks covered

❤️Negative Nancys out!

To prevent negative thoughts about how things are going

💙Cosy socks

💙Flannels for hot or cold water

To help keep you comfortable

🧡Tasty snacks

🧡A reusable straw

To help you stay nourished easily

🖤An easy to read birth plan

🖤An educated advocate

To make sure your wishes are understood and followed so you can crack on with it and stay in your zone!

You might want to put bits and pieces together to really make it look a certain way that makes you happy and that is absolutely fine and encouraged! However, please don’t feel like this is a requirement for birth. If you look at the list above, you’ll see that this can all be arranged during pregnancy and put into place within 5 mins of arriving at your birth space, so if you labour quick! You can still do this!