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What is Oxytocin? The hormone of love, birth and life.

You’ve probably heard oxytocin bandied about by any hypnobirthing instructor, doula or birth enthusiast in your life! But what is it?

Well put simply, oxytocin is a hormone that your body produces in many situations when it’s feeling good, feeling comfortable and feeling relaxed.

When you relax at home in your favourite blanket with your favourite snacks surrounded by your favourite people, your brain knows that you’re safe and surrounded by good stuff. It responds appropriately by setting off the hormones appropriate to that moment.

What are they for?

Well they’re the ones that tell your body that you’re in Rest and Digest rather than Fight or Flight. This ensures your body gets on with processes such as digesting your food, arousal ready for reproduction AND at the right time, birthing a baby!

We’re always banging on about oxytocin and that’s because no matter the situation, oxytocin will help with your baby’s birth! It helps keep you calm, provides some pain relief (alongside endorphins), facilitates bonding once baby has been born and during birth, most importantly, it helps the uterus to contract. This means that with plenty of oxytocin, your contractions can not only be the most efficient but also the most comfortable they can be!

We think of the hormones involved in birth as Birth Heroes!

Oxytocin– The Ultimate badass

Powers– Fills you with love, makes you feel euphoric, contracts your uterus, tells your breasts to release milk, bonds you to baby. It can do all of this in pregnancy, during labour/birth and after!

Where to find– Anywhere there’s laughter, love, snuggles, massage and all the good stuff! Try some chocolate and a funny movie!

Weaknesses– Hates being observed, being around strangers and unfamiliar places. VERY shy.

Everybody loves Oxytocin (except that pesky adrenaline), you want to encourage Oxytocin to show her face as much as you can!

We also created a Youtube video about Oxytocin and how you can get it flowing during your birth, check it out below!

Read out what Sam had to say-

“I am 6 months pregnant with my first and have been so so scared about labour to the point I’ve been considering a c section. I found you guys and bought the course which I’ve only done about an hour of so far and have listened to your podcast. Omfg I am overwhelmed with how much more positive I feel already. The thought of labour was like a black cloud hovering over me, I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all or see past the birth. Now I am so excited to meet my girl and for life after she arrives. Thank you so much ❤️”

Alix Taylor
Author: Alix Taylor