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What We Do!

We’re not going to tell you HOW to have your baby, we’re going to give you the tools & knowledge you need to have your baby YOUR way.

The Birth Uprising is No Bull Antenatal Hypnobirthing education, that goes the extra mile in ensuring people feel prepared for the birth they want.

Run by Jade and Alix, with a friendship that goes back over 17 years and 6 kids between them, they are self-confessed birth geeks and are on a mission to cut through all the birthing bull and make Hypnobirthing accessible to everyone.  They are passionate about empowering expectant parents with the tools & knowledge they need to have their baby their way. Over the past 5 years they have trained over 150 hypnobirthing instructors across the UK and educated thousands of expectant parents through their in-person courses and online digital hypnobirthing pack.

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