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Barefaced Birth
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Old Market Square , Nottingham, England NG1 2JX, United Kingdom

Hi I am Kerry, its lovely to meet you!

I am the face behind Barefaced Birth. I teach hypnobirthing and birth preparation courses in Nottingham and online. I also offer trauma support; supporting those who have experienced traumatic, difficult or distressing birth or pregnancy related experiences. I help and support clients to move forward from their experience with the 3 Step Rewind Process.

I like to describe Hypnobirthing as one of your best friends during pregnancy, birth and beyond! Hypnobirthing is not all about hypnosis or learning how to breathe it is so much more than that; it is a full antenatal and birth preparation course that’s going to help you as a couple feel confident, empowered and looking forward to birth.

I teach my full group in person courses in Nottingham at Alf & Co, Mapperley; it’s a total of 8 hours, split into 4 x 2 hour sessions on Thursdays 7-9pm and they run monthly.

My classes are fun and interactive (don’t let that scare you – it’s all good I promise). I am going to teach you everything you will need to know to feel informed, empowered and ready for when your birth begins – they are not hippified hypnobirthing classes as you might expect!

I also teach 1:1 private courses for couples who prefer to be taught in a 1:1 private setting either in person or online. In person courses are held at Alf & Co Mapperley, Nottingham where I teach my group courses.

I also offer lots of other courses that can be delivered both in person and online. From power hour sessions, birthing planning sessions right through to hypnobirthing refresher sessions for those that are not new to hypnobirthing or short on time.

I absolutely love meeting couples and supporting them on their journey to a beautiful, empowering positive birth experience.