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Birthing Parents Club
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Gogarloch Syke, City of Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 9JF, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Claire: a doula based in Edinburgh; providing hypnobirthing classes and supporting families throughout pregnancy, birth & the 4th trimester; across Scotland and beyond, through my online work. I am also the creator of The Hypno-WHAT Podcast – “the most mindful & joyous podcast to help prepare for birth” from one of my listeners, Maggie.

I strongly believe in the power of birth, and knowledge is power. Helping pregnant people & their families to feel informed & confident is at the heart of everything I do. I believe that understanding how and why our bodies work the way they do is the key to unlocking a empowered birth experience, regardless of how that birth plays out.

Say hello to hypnobirthing & doula support for every family; celebrating diversity & striving for inclusivity in the birthworld!