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BirthLife Antenatal with Hypnobirthing
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1 Moat Lane, New Forest, England BH25 7JG, United Kingdom

I’m Sarah and have 2 littles brought into the world with hypnobirthing. I’m very lucky to live on the sunny South Coast with my partner and sprogs.

I teach online and in person classes to educate and inform people about real birth (not the bs you see on tv), so families can go into their birth feeling calm, confident and ready to smash it. I believe birth partners/ birth support teams should be as well informed as the person giving birth and also provide support and education about the 4th trimester and life with a newborn.

I offer free sessions, short courses and in depth learning to suit different needs/ circumstances. If you are expecting and feeling a bit bewildered, scared or just want to be fully clued up, then this is for you.