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Dublin Does Hypnobirthing
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Hi I’m Jen and I am from and living in Dublin. Hypnobirthing came into my life when I was expecting my boy Jimmy in April 2020 ever since then I’ve been obsessed! I thought I had studied all Hypnobirthing had to offer when I was almost due to have Jimmy, I know now I hadn’t even scratched the surface on it!

In December 2020, Jimmy was born, he came into the world with a very traumatic birth which nearly had me giving up on hypnobirthing. As I kept reading up on it I then realised I had not given hypnobirthing 100%. I thought reading some books and practising affirmations and breathing techniques was all I needed to do…..abso-fucking-lutly not! The reason I didn’t give up was because I want to help other birthers and their families never have to go through what I did with my birth.

I was picked to do the very popular and brilliant instructor course with The Birth Uprising in the UK in Febuary 2022. It has been a mind blowing, whirlwind of information and I am ready to share it with all of you. It is my mission to ensure any birther and their partner who attend my teaching sessions to leave feeling empowered, informed, confident and excited for their birth. I strive to be an inclusive hypnobirthing instructor, and support all families regardless of your class, age,gender, race, sexuality, beliefs and anything in between!