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Elly The Clapton Doula
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142 Daubeney Road , London, England E5 0EQ, United Kingdom

I became a doula and hypnobirthing teacher after the birth of my first child, who was conceived following infertility, loss and IVF. After so much intervention, I wanted to birth on my terms. Having been a human rights solicitor, I noticed that the legal rights we should have in birth are not always respected or understood by a wonderful but burgeoned NHS. Since then, I have wanted to support others to have birth experiences that empower them, no matter what type of birth they prefer or that eventualises. The hope is that an empowered birth experience will lead to a more positive postnatal period. The quality of the first days with a new baby/babies can have a significant impact on the whole family and being able to also provide support during this transition into (re-)parenthood is ever-rewarding. When I’m not doulaing, I can be found wandering around Hackney with my children and dog!