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MAE birth space | Doula | Hypnobirthing | Soraia Torres Lage
Contact Information
14 Agate Street, Bristol, England BS3 3AG, United Kingdom

I’m Soraia, a certified Perinatal Doula, Health Coach and Hypnobirthing instructor.

I’m passionate about humans. I love discovering, studying and understanding how we function, how we express ourselves and how we are shaped by our experiences. I am a human rights advocate, a shameless foodie, a birth geek and a fearless believer in the power of trusting our intuition. In health, in birth, in life.

As your Doula and a Hypnobirthing instructor I can support you and share tools that will empower you to build a positive experience during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood/motherhood. I trust in your innate ability to birth your baby – in whatever way you choose – to make decisions for yourself and for your baby and to listen to your intuition.

No matter what you want for your birth, I can provide advocacy, offer an opportunity for deep connection and relaxation and to promote a safe and caring environment for you and for everyone involved in welcoming your baby. I am available to support families online or in-person in Bristol and surroundings.