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Mindsway Hypnobirthing
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1-27 Symons Close, London, England SE15 3SF, United Kingdom

Hi! I’m Naomi, the face behind Mindsway Hypnobirthing ????

Back in 2018, when I was expecting my son, I signed up to a hypnobirthing course on the recommendation of a friend. While the breathing techniques were a game-changer, I didn’t engage with the ‘mystical’ vibe of the rest, and decided that when it came to birth I would just ‘go with the flow’.

Fast forward to the big day – turns out, going with the flow meant more complications and interventions than I bargained for. I wasn’t in control, and it hit me: I hadn’t considered whose flow I was actually going with. Being uninformed and unaware of my rights left me powerless to advocate for myself.

Reflecting on that hypnobirthing course, I saw the ‘mystical’ elements were actually science-backed info and the missing key to a more positive birthing experience. So that’s why I started Mindsway Hypnobirthing – my no-nonsense, evidence-based approach to antenatal education. I’m here to empower birthing individuals, with not just techniques, but a full grasp of birthing physiology and rights (and not a blossoming flower metaphor in sight ????).

I offer comprehensive antenatal education classes in group settings based in SE15, as well as private classes across London and online.