It has been a bloody pleasure to teach you!

 I hope that you are all excited to give birth and that you’ve got the confidence now to make informed decisions  for you and your family.

You know where we are if you need anything.

Here are a few things to remember: 

  • Practice your breathing exercises:

  1. Chilled out breathing – in for 4 out for 8

  2. Wave Breathing – in for 7 out for 7

  3. Birth breathing – in for 1 out for 8 with a humm

  • Listen to your hypnosis and relaxation tracks daily

  • Take time EVERYDAY to sit down and practise relaxing (anchors will help in labour! Smell & Sounds are fab ones for labour)

  • Ask people telling you negative stories to stop

  • Your body was built for this

  • Surround yourself with positive birth input

  • Do your 3 birth plans.

  • Take your booklet to the hospital with you! Its got so many important bits in there you’ll find it helpful! ( BRAIN, things to remember in labour etc)


Keep getting informed, keep learning. 

 Here is our recommended reading list again for both birth & breastfeeding (you’ll find the extended version in your handbook) for you:

  • Informed is Best: Dr Amy Brown

  • Anything from the ‘why it matters’ series: Pinter & Martin

  • Men, love & Birth: Mark Harris

  • The First forty days: Heng Ou

  • The womanly art of breastfeeding: La Leche League International

  • The positive breastfeeding book: Dr Amy Brown

  • The Birth Partner: Penny Simkin

  • Vitamin K & The Newborn: Dr Sarah Wickham

  • Inducing labour: Dr Sarah Wickham   

  • Whats right for me: Dr Sarah Wickham


Please keep in touch! Let us know when you have those beautiful babies!

Keep chatting! And keep being the kickass babes you are!!

Sending you lots of badass vibes


Jade & Alix



Here are some more resources for you to look at in your own time:

4th Trimester Planning

Amy Brown- Lets talk about the first year of parenting

Wonder Weeks app or book (the app is amazing)

Sophie Messager- Why Postnatal Recovery Matters





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