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Top tips for birth if you have a ‘high risk’ pregnancy

When Your Journey Takes an Unexpected Twist...

First things first, don’t let the term “high risk” freak you out!

It’s like being assigned the VIP section of the pregnancy club – you’re getting some extra attention, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Being “high risk” during pregnancy basically means that you or your baby have some factors that might need a little extra monitoring or care. It can be due to medical conditions, multiple babies (yep, twins or more!), or some other unique situation. But trust us when we say that it definitely doesn’t define you or your pregnancy journey. It doesn’t mean you or your baby are in danger and it doesn’t even have to change what you choose for your labour and birth if you and baby remain well!

Why Me, Dammit?

You might be wondering, “Why the heck did this happen to me?” Well, actually, it’s most people! It’s actually fairly unusual to not tick any boxes and become high risk these days. Whilst life’s full of surprises, and sometimes our bodies just decide to throw us a curveball. It’s definitely not your fault, and it doesn’t mean you’re any less of a badass! It also does not mean that you are actually at a high risk of anything specific happening, so please don’t let the term scare you. It’s a terrible name that essentially means ‘let’s keep an eye out’ but a lot of people take it to be as scary as it can sound.

Navigating the High-Risk Journey

Your Birth, Your Choices:

First things first, it’s YOUR birth, YOUR body, YOUR choices. Just because you’re in the “high-risk” club doesn’t mean you suddenly lose your say in how you want to bring that little nugget into the world. Your preferences still matter. Want a home birth? You’re the one who decides, nobody else.

Stay Informed:

The key here is staying informed. Talk to your healthcare provider, ask questions, and let them know your birth plan and preferences. Be crystal clear about what you want, and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.

Flexibility Is Your Friend:

Now, here’s the thing – while your birth plan is important, it’s also crucial to be flexible. High-risk situations can sometimes throw unexpected curveballs, and your medical team’s top priority is your safety and your baby’s. So, keep an open mind, get informed and advocate for your healthcare provider to work with you to make the best decisions along the way.

Discuss Your Options:

Have a chat with your medical team about the different scenarios that might arise during labor. Knowing what to expect and having a game plan for various situations can help you feel more in control. We often fear the unknown and find things happening unexpectedly very scary, planning for various outcomes can give you a sense of calm and control.

Stay Positive:

Lastly, keep that positive mindset, mama! A high-risk pregnancy might come with some extra challenges, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive and empowering birth experience. Visualise the birth you want and remember that you’re one tough cookie. However this baby comes into the world, it will have been you at the centre of it. You will do amazing things!