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Why the hell you should write a
birth plan and how to do it

Why the Hell You Should Write a Birth Plan (And How to Do It)

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You’re growing a tiny human, and that’s some superhero-level stuff right there. Now, let’s talk about something that might sound a bit daunting but is actually super important and empowering: the birth plan. Yeah, we know, planning for childbirth might seem like trying to control a hurricane, but hear us out – it’s worth it, and we’ll tell you why (without all the fancy medical jargon!!!).

Why the Hell Write a Birth Plan?

You Get to Call Some Shots: Listen, when you’re in labour, you want to feel in control, not like you’re just along for the ride. Writing a birth plan helps you communicate your preferences to your medical team. You can give them a heads-up, so they know what you’re cool with and what’s a total no-go.

Empowerment: Birth is a wild experience, and it can be overwhelming. Having a plan gives you a sense of empowerment. It’s like saying, “I got this, universe!”

Reduced Anxiety: Having a plan can help reduce anxiety because you’ve thought about what you want ahead of time.  This will be your roadmap through the unknown if anything changes during your labour.

Clear Communication: You and your partner can’t read each other’s minds (as much as we’d all love that superpower). A birth plan ensures that you’re on the same page, which is essential as your birth partner may need to advocate for you whilst you stay in the zone. This also ensures your birth partner is included in the whole process as trust us….there’s no time for sitting back and relaxing. We’ve got a whole host of job roles for your chosen birth partner!

Knowledge: We’ve said it once and we will say it a million times more. Knowledge IS POWER. If you can understand what is happening to you and your baby during labour, you are less likely to freak out. Also, if you plan for different eventualities such as induction and caesarean, knowing what you want and the process will be less of a shock as you will have already prepared.

How the Hell to Write a Birth Plan:

Now, let’s break down how you can write this game-changing birth plan:

Research Like a Boss: Start by researching your options. What kind of birth do you want? Hospital? Home? Water birth? Candles and Enya playing in the background? Disco lights and your favourite 90’s hip hop? Either way is fine! Gather info on everything you can think of.

Talk to Your Squad: Discuss your ideas with your partner, midwife, doula, or whoever is going to be your birth buddy. Get their input and make sure they are all on the same page as you and know your preferences.

Be Clear and Specific: Use clear, simple language. Bullet points are your best friend here. Spell out your preferences for pain relief, movement during labour, and who you want in the room.

Be Flexible: Birth is unpredictable, which means we can’t guarantee anything about the time it takes or the way it unfolds. Be open to the idea that things might not go exactly as planned. Make sure your birth plan includes your preferences for those unexpected twists and turns. If you decide to have a caesarean at some point during your labour, it’s important to have a plan for that to hand.

Hospital Bag Essentials: Pack your hospital bag like a pro and make sure you do this with your birth partner so they know where everything is. Include your birth plan, snacks (you’re gonna need ’em), comfy clothes, and anything that will help you feel like a badass.

Share the Love: Give copies of your birth plan to your healthcare provider and the hospital staff when you arrive. This is a great job for your birth partner. Ensure they have enough copies for different health care providers – everyone needs to see it!!!

Stay Positive: Keep a positive mindset. Remember, this is your journey, and no matter how it unfolds, you’re a fucking legend for going through it and you have been an active participant throughout it all. You are the most important part of this and others should be bending over backwards for you and not the other way around.

Review and Revise: Don’t set your birth plan in stone. Review and update it if needed. Make a plan A, B and C. Life changes, and so might your birth preferences. And remember, you can change your mind at any time!

Trust Yourself: Trust that you’re making the best choices for you and your baby. You’ve got this!

So, there you have it! Writing a birth plan is like getting your birth game plan ready. It’s your way of saying, “I’m going to kick labour’s arse.” Just remember to keep it real, do your research, stay flexible, and trust your instincts.

Now go, write that birth plan, and prepare to rock your birth like a total boss! 💪